Now, oxygenation is more efficient and economical.
iWay - efficient oxygenation

Oxygen leads into the back of the nasal cavity, loops to be naturally humidified and heated, and continuously flushes the nasopharynx with oxygen, leading to a better FiO2.

Get accurate capnography even when you deliver oxygen.
iWay - ultra-precise capnography

Exhaled CO2 is sampled directly in the oropharynx in front of the tracheal output. This allows a high quality exhaled CO2 sample giving a precise capnogram and an EtCO2 value closer to PaCOeven with O2 supplementation. The CO2 sampling site is protected against fluids thanks to a unique design.

The iWay® favors airway patency in a simple and quick way.
iWay - airway patency

The hollow body of the iWay® ensures the passage of air even when soft tissues (base of the tongue, soft palate) collapse against the pharyngeal wall. Moreover, the tube of the iWay® is soft and kink resistant. Those characteristics allow a safer patency of the upper airway.