In the operating room, a simple, non invasive and effective way to secure your patient’s breathing.
iway salle d'opération anesthésie

During moderate or deep sedation, or general anesthesia the iWay® increases the upper airway’s permeability, ensures effective oxygenation and accurate capnography in a non invasive way. The iWay®is a valuable ally, including for patients with one or more increased risk factors (obesity, age, snoring patient with or without sleep apnea, etc.). The iWay®can also be very useful before and during intubation, and also during the post extubation phase.

Respiratory safety during recovery.
iway-chambre de réveil

The recovery phase is a period of risk due to the residual effects of the anesthetic agents and the patient’s risk profile. Potential adverse events such as obstruction of the upper airway, respiratory depression and apnea require constant monitoring of the patient’ breathing. In this frame, the iWay®is invaluable.

Your ally of choice in emergency medicine.

In the emergency context (inside or outside the hospital), health care teams must ensure the permeability of the upper airways, effectively administer oxygen and monitor ventilation accurately and continuously. The iWay®allows to do it conveniently. It is also an excellent oxygen delivery and respiratory monitoring device before and during intubation.