How to use the iWay® ?

Select the appropriate size of the iWay® according to standard recommandations – 13 cm will fit most adult females and 15 cm most adult males*. Lubricate and insert the iWay® like a standard nasopharyngeal airway, then place the tubes behind the ears and adjust the slide as you would do with a nasal cannula. Connect the iWay® to the oxygen source and capnograph.

Why is the iWay® available in sizes 13 cm and 15 cm ?

Evidence based medicine shows that the ideal length of a nasopharyngeal airway should be such as its tip is situated 1 cm above the tip of the epiglottis. This length corresponds to 13 cm in most adult females and 15 cm in most adult males.*

Can the iWay® be re-used ?

No. The iWay® is single use only.

What is the origin of the name “iWay” ?

“i” stands for the first letter of the word “instinctive” : nature made human beings nose breathers. The nose is the instinctive path for human to breathe from birth on. “Way” comes from “airway”.

How is the iWay® packaged ?

The iWay® comes in boxes of 20 pcs.

Is the iWay® certified/cleared ?

The iWay® is FDA cleared, and on the way to CE mark.

*The nasopharyngeal airway: dispelling myths and establishing the facts. K Roberts, H Whalley, A Bleetman. Emergency Medicine Journal, 2005.